Sustainable AI makes the difference

elevait is an AI company with a scientific background and ambitious employees united in their goal to develop the world’s best and most sustainable AI products.

Products and Services

Sustainable AI understands Business Data.

Business Process Automation

Whether it’s invoices, e-mails, forms or construction plans: processing countless documents determines everyday work and ties up an incredible amount of capacity. Our solution for generic document processing supports the evaluation, verification and further processing of documents of all types, for example in the areas of health, construction, law or event management.

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Sustainable AI makes maintenance Smart.

Industrial Monitoring and Optimization

With the intelligent processing of data with AI, you can gain insight into the functioning and to KPIs of complex systems: efficiency, anomalies or failure probabilities. This can be helpful in various areas, including single-family homes, production halls or manufacturing machines. Our solution keeps an eye on your systems and specifically points out peculiarities in their function to prevent major damage or failures, and to increase efficiency.

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Sustainable AI makes data harmonize.

Enterprise Data Management

Whether data on products, suppliers or quality reports: Master data is an essential foundation for most of your company’s processes. Many employees interact with them on a daily basis. The heterogeneous processing can lead to swamps of data that are increasingly difficult to use. Our solution tracks down duplicates and supports the structuring and continuous cleansing of master data.

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Unique selling points

We deliver standard software that serves as a sustainable AI-based support in the enterprise environment


get quickly from analysis to implementation


the AI software products have flexible APIs in order to be integratable in every enterprise environment


usable without knowledge on AI or specific hardware


high level of automatization of manual work


secure, energy-efficient cloud installation in Germany

Customers and Partners

Who are we?

Creativity and Diversity

We are a team made of young, international talents that are working together on the mission of elevait in different areas and domains.

Passion for Technology

We are always very curious when it comes to current technologies and their productive use in our apps.

Agile Methods

The foundation of our internal and external work, are shared values: self-reliance and democratic, knowledge-based decisions. We work with agile methods, such as Scrum and Kanban.

We are New Workers

Our trustful and respectful collaboration is based on flat hierarchies, flexible working hours and a strong team spirit. This creates a unique working environment where everyone can show, apply, and improve their strengths.

Where are we?


Hauptstraße 60

78098 Triberg in the Black Forest

Location of development

Antonstraße 2

01097 Dresden

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